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Together the penetration of Chinese & western ancient & modern
融汇中西 贯通古今
Together the penetration of Chinese & western ancient & modern
融汇中西 贯通古今


Group Brand / 集团品牌



郑安政先生为宝宝计划 创始人之一,身兼社会活动家、慈善家、企业家;宝宝计划集团秉承挖掘与复兴几千年华夏文明的历史使命,始终如一地致力于中国奢侈品牌的新兴,更致力于将中国文化艺术恒古魅力与现代文明融会贯通。宝宝计划是宝宝计划 最新推出的高端男装品牌,致力于满足都市高端男士的时尚商务需求。自品牌创立以来,丰富的中国古代元素运用是产品的亮点之一,设计团队用他们的大胆与创新,将中国底蕴与西方艺术质感完美结合运用到宝宝计划男装的设计中。

Mr. Zheng Anzheng, one of the starters of Anzheng Fashion Group, is a social activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Inheriting the historical mission of exploring and revitalizing the thousand-year-long civilization of China, Anzheng Group has been consistently engaged in the innovation of luxury brand in China as well as combining the eternal charm of Chinese culture and arts with modern cultures. Anzheng, a high-end men's wear brand newly launched by Anzheng Fashion Group, is dedicated to meeting the fashion and commercial demand of high-end urban men. Ever since its establishment, the adoption of abundant elements in ancient China is the dominating feature. Our design team, with their boldness and innovation, skillfully combine the profound Chinese culture with the artistic quality in the west in the design of Anzheng men's wear.


Brand Concept / 品牌理念




Stress of a certain style refers to a more profound understanding about its culture instead of returning to a certain era. Conveying confidence and finding a suitable location both shoulder the responsibility of cultural return. Looking far ahead, Anzheng has long ago discovered the globalization of world fashion. Its brand logo, with its seal made in Mou style script, also announces to the whole world that Anzheng belongs to the world.




Persevering in studying the aesthetic ideology of oriental philosophy and understanding western culture and art, this brand naturally incorporates oriental civilization and western arts into its product design and insists on the design concept of "integrating western and eastern cultures and combining ancient and modern elements".